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2009 Event

First event in Roxton

The Roxton Rallye de Paris was run in some of the best November weather Lamar County has seen in the last few years.

Eight cars started the Roxton Rocks rally in the morning and 7 cars finished the Roxton Rumbles rally well after dark on Saturday November 28.

As the stages unfolded, less than a few seconds separated the various competitors as they jockeyed for the fastest time on each stage. Leads changed hands more than once as the stages, new to everyone, proved to be very competitive all day long.

Rallymaser Richard Miller and assistant rallymaster, Brad Fast had spent many hours over the last few weeks laying out the stages. With Rallying new to the residents of Roxton, we had a lot of curious neighbors coming to the spectator locations and the edge of their property to view the sport.

Pictures are posted on the web site under images above or check on You Tube.