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Richard and Juanita running 100 AC Woods in 2006.


Photo by Arthur Partyka

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Web site: www.rallyengr.com

Armadillo Rally Logistics or ARL was created in 2005 as a non-profit organization (501C4 according to the Feds) to conduct and support events such as Rallye de Paris. The directors are Juanita and Richard Miller and Steve Bartz.

ARL was created to take the place of the Texas Region SCCA as the SCCA can no longer sanction performance rally. Not that we could take the place of SCCA but another organization was needed. And one difference between ARL and SCCA is that you don't have to be a member of ARL to work you rear off at a rally.

Another organization you may hear of occasionally is Rally Engineering (TBPE firm #F-8663). This is a licensed professional engineering firm formed by Richard and Juanita Miller. Despite being an engineering firm as licensed by the state of Texas, Rally Engineering does not currently offer engineering services to the public. Rather, this is the company formed for Richard and Juanita to go play with cars

But despite what this sounds like, ARL and Rallye de Paris are not the production of only Juanita and Richard. Biographies will be added as the individuals chose to reveal their inner selves. Mean while, here is a little about the core workers.

Lowell Allen, Jr. KD5RFD

Long time TSD rally participant. Works as chief of Main Timing Control at all Rallye de Paris rallys. Works as control chief at 100AW rally.

Bob Benson:

Chief of Controls for Rallye de Paris. Long time rallyist associated with Great Race, a TSD rally for vintage cars. Driving instructor for Porsche Club.

John, N5GRE, & Phyllis Camp

Chiefs of Scoring. Owns a 1970s Orange Porsche 911 that you will see on many a gimmick rally in the area. And is a vital part of the Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally Logistics crew.

Brad Fast KF5FIH

Assistant Rally Master for Roxton Rallye de Paris. Co driver for son Bradley Fast in Datsun 510 actively campaigning on the Rally America Circuit.

Howard Hale KE5KGM

Drove Car 00 in 2007 and radio marshal for Rallye de Paris in 2008. In 2009, Howard was the crew chief for Richard and Juanita at 100AW Rally in Salem Missouri and helped them win the 2008 G5 Regional Rally National Championship.

Roger Jones KD5UJL:

Chief of communications, Worker Coordinator, Web Master, distributor of emails for Rallye de Paris. TSD rallyist since the 60s. Autocrossing since the first TR 4 was purchased in the mid 60s. Current Corvette driver. Service crew for Rally Engineering.

Juanita Miller KD5PXN:

Chairman of Rallye de Paris. Co-driver for Rally Engineering, Solo driver, race driver, Engine builder. Chemical engineer, Environmental engineer. Southwest Division Group 2 and Group 5 champion co-driver.

Richard Miller KD5PXM:

Rally Master of Rallye de Paris. Driver for Rally Engineering, Solo driver, race driver, . Electrical engineer. Writer. Southwest Division Group 5 champion driver.


All those funny letters and numbers after people's names? Those are ham radio call signs. Ham radio is used for the safety net at almost all performance rallies and almost every one of the core committee is a ham.

And it can safely be said of the entire group, none will ever grow old in spirit. All still play with cars.

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